W7 The Honey Queen Blusher

IMG_2735 IMG_2741

Its obvious but sometimes affordable makeup just isn’t the best quality but amongst the bad we can find hidden gems which become some of our favourites. Just last week W7, an affordable cosmetic brand, sent me their Honey Queen blusher* and I haven’t stopped using it since. The first thing I noticed about this blush was the packaging, its bold, pretty and looks suspiciously similar to another brand *cough* Benefit *cough*. Inside the boxed blush you’ll find a cute mini brush which has a small black handle with white and pink bristles. I have to say I never use these brushes as I never need to and they’re never great but I guess it is a nice touch if you’re somebody who likes to touch up throughout the day whilst you’re out. The blush itself is made up of a combination of shades which is made up into a honeycomb pattern. I’m not the greatest at describing colours so won’t go through what every honeycomb pattern shade is but you can see in the photo above. Once you swirl your brush through the combo of colours you’re left with a pretty peachy rose gold colour which is slightly iridescent. It looks so beautiful on the cheeks and although it isn’t the most pigmented blush in the world it is definitely one that you can build up to intensify the colour. I’ve also found that with this blush it isn’t necessary to apply a highlighter because it leaves such a pretty sheen to the cheeks. The blush doesn’t look talcy (although, obviously contains talc) and the shimmer it leaves isn’t made up of chunky glitter but a fine shimmer – yay. The best bit? It only costs £4.95! Such a bargain.

Click HERE to see where to buy it.


Lee Stafford Big Fat Pulsating Dryer



I’ve always been a sucker for big hair, the bigger the better I always say, so you can imagine I was excited when a press release was sent to my inbox all about a hairdryer that could give you big fat hair. Lee Stafford have recently released its Big Fat Pulsating Dryer* which basically claims to give your hair more volume and its all down the its fancy circular attachment. The attachment called the PiNK Pulsator (sounds a bit rude in my opinion, ha!) has a Hyper Velocity motor which makes it generate more airflow which creates volume at the root as well as making the hair dry four times quicker than a regular hairdryer.

This 2000W hairdryer has two speed settings, three heat settings and a cool shot button which can be handy to set the hairstyle in place. You also receive a regular hairdryer attachment which will be better for when you want a sleeker look.

The verdict:

The first time I used the Big Fat Pulsating Dryer it didn’t really do much but I think its because I used it wrong, I dried my hair normally when it suggests to go from underneath to give the hair more volume. The second time I used it I dried it following the directions and it definitely made a difference. However, it felt a tad flyaway and a bit frizzier at the ends than usual so I would say that while it gives the hair more volume it would need to be styled afterwards. Well my hair would need to anyway. I think this prepares the hair for rollers or for if you’re going to curl the hair as it makes the hair less slippery – if that makes sense? I did notice my hair dried quite a lot quicker than it usually does with my regular dryer which is a bonus. All in all, my hair was bigger but the dryer didn’t give it a salon blow dry as some may expect. However, the more I use it the I may find different tricks to help the hair look better. Overall, I would say this is a decent hairdryer as you can use it as a regular hairdryer or use the Pulsator to get a fuller look. It looks attractive and the price is pretty too at only £32.99 from Argos. 

Warm Smokey Eye & Kylie Jenner Lip Makeup Tutorial

I am loving warm eye makeup looks lately so I thought it would be good to film my current favourite look for you. I’m mainly using Makeup Geek eyeshadows which are very affordable and I create my Kylie lip using MAC products but at the end I find a very cheap alternative. I hope you enjoy this video…give it a thumbs up if you do!

To see a review and swatches of Makeup Geek eyeshadows click here

Gerard Cosmetics Red Carpet Survival Kit

gerard cosmetics red carpet survival kit

I love the idea of this Gerard Cosmetics Red Carpet Survival Kit* as four of their most loved products come in one compact box. This little treasure will be a fab gift for somebody. Inside the box you receive a Color Your Smile lip gloss of your choice, Brow Bar To Go in your shade, BB+ Illumination Creme and a teeth whitening pen either the Super Booster or Zero which is great for those with sensitive teeth. I really love the fact that you create your perfect must haves because sets like this usually give you no option to choose the fine details of the products you’ll be receiving.

Inside my box I choose a ‘Nude’ lipgloss because I love nude lips, a blonde to brunette Brow Bar To Go and a Super Booster Whitening pen along with the BB Illumination Creme of course (this only comes in one shade).

Color Your Smile Lip Glosses ~ I’ve spoken about these so many times you’re probably fed up of me going on about them now but for those of you who have just stumbled across my blog I’ll write a mini review for you. They are the most long-lasting, true to colour, highly pigmented, tacky but non-sticky lip glosses I have ever used. Every time I use one I continue to be impressed. Click here and here for more reviews and swatches.

BB + Illumination Creme ~ This is simply stunning and so versatile. I mix this product in with my foundation to create a more dewy and radiant look to my face. As this product has golden undertones it instantly makes you glow. You can also use this alone or on the cheekbones on top of your foundation.

Brow Bar To Go ~ This is a compact little brow palette with two powders to create the perfect shade brow, a wax to set them in place and a little brush to help you pull the look together. This product allows you to create a more natural or bold brow by building up the colours.

Super Booster Teeth Whitening Pen ~ A fast acting whitening pen which brings your teeth back to their natural whiteness. I tend to pop this on right before I get in bed to let it do its thing whilst I sleep. This will help remove stains which you have picked up from drinks such as coffee. This hasn’t made my teeth sensitive so I love this product but if you’re worried it will then pick up the Zero pen as it is made for those with very sensitive teeth.

All of Gerard Cosmetics products are made in the USA and most importantly are cruelty free which makes this brand even better. Although this brand is based in the USA they do ship internationally and to the UK it only costs $9.50 which I think is fantastic. This set is currently on sale until September 11th for only $37.50 which I think is such a complete bargain. The BB creme alone usually costs $36! This set also has a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not impressed with it. If you have seen this past the sale date don’t worry as I have a 25% off coupon code for you, just enter JBLIFE at the checkout! This code is also valid at www.whiteninglightning.com. Purchase The Red Carpet Survival Kit here.

Back To School Makeup Tutorial

As September is upon us many of you are going back to school so I thought it would be a great time to film a back to school makeup tutorial! I hope you all have a fantastic school year and remember to aim high and do your best.

Products used:
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation
Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer 
MAC Translucent Powder 
Tropic Skincare Sculpting Blush Palette  OR this Sleek alternative 
Brow Bar To Go  25% OFF with the code JBLIFE
MAC ‘Fascinating’ eyeliner 
PIXI Eye Glow Cube (Unsure if this is still available so just use any white/light eyeshadow)
Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara
Gerard Cosmetics Butter Cream Lipgloss 25%OFF with the code JBLIFE

I Met Pixiwoo!!

pixiwoo 10620748_10152250024100880_5316417611552936533_n-1

Last Thursday I got into my car and headed off to Norwich again. This time it wasn’t for shopping or an event but I was going round Samantha Chapman’s house – yes really! The week before I was asked if I would be interested in being interviewed by Sam and Nic for their channel for a new series they are doing called ‘Tuesday Chat’. If you live under a rock and don’t watch YouTube videos, which is probably very unlikely if you read my blog, Sam and Nic are Pixiwoo, a pair of makeup artist sisters who are huge YouTubers. They also create Real Techniques brushes which are so fabulous! Tuesday Chat is going to be up on their main channel every Tuesday and it is the two of them chatting to a variety of people with a variety of interesting stories. Therefore, as you can imagine, I was so happy that I got asked to take part – how could I say no?! What an opportunity! Heading to Norwich I was both anxious and excited but when I arrived the anxiety melted away because Sam & Nic were so welcoming and down to earth – as expected they both looked amazing and had flawless makeup! I had a fantastic time and it was so chilled. We discussed a lot so be sure to check out their video which shall be up in about 3 weeks time. Leaving with a bag full of Real Techniques brushes and such a high after being around such successful and inspiring women I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed at the amount of new Instagram followers I was gaining because Nic posted a photo of us together (Thank you!!!). Last Thursday was a great day and I hope I can work with them again in the future.

Jarrolds Vintage Bloggers Event

IMG_0371 IMG_0374 IMG_0376 IMG_0377 IMG_0389 IMG_0401 IMG_0406 IMG_0417 IMG_0419 IMG_0435 IMG_0550 IMG_0551


Whenever I go to Norwich I go to Jarrold’s to get any MAC purchases I’ve got my eye on so when I received an email from the lovely Louise to attend their vintage blogging event I was so excited. So last week I ventured off to Norwich to attend the event which was taking place in Jarrold’s new restaurant/cafe, Benjis. I arrived a little early so mooched around an empty Jarrold’s, it felt like I was in the movie The Greatest Store in the World where a family sneak inside a department store to sleep in overnight, but doing this was only a tease because it made me want to buy things when I couldn’t – oh, its a hard life. When it was time to attend the event five other bloggers and myself were greeted with champagne and delicious food on platters. After a bit of mingling, taking photos, nibbling food and sipping champagne we were invited to have a vintage makeover. Firstly, I had my hair done by Kasey from Aveda who gave me a fantastic pin up style look which even lasted the next day. I wish I had a Kasey at home to beautify my hair everyday! Next I went over to Georgia, who is the beauty manager at Jarrold’s, but because there wasn’t much time left she just did a few basic bits to my face. However, the new YSL lipstick (sorry, I’m unsure what shade it was) really pulled the look together don’t you think?! After a bit more chin wagging it was time to leave but on departure we were all given a goodie box featuring a few lovely bits from The Vintage Cosmetic Company, which is soon to be sold in Jarrolds, and fab samples from Aveda.

Head over to www.jarrold.co.uk to find literally everything from beauty to fashion to homeware.