Anastasia Beverly Hills ~ Amrezy Palette

IMG_2521 IMG_2524 IMG_2529 IMG_2531 IMG_2532 IMG_2568 10517459_480917545344740_8382559428045872109_n

Eyeshadow palettes are another shopping weakness of mine, I have so many yet feel the need to buy new ones just because, in my makeup obsessed head, I cannot do without. Most recently, I treated myself to the Amrezy palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills after seeing lots of posts referring to it on Instagram. Amrezy is an Instagram makeup queen who has collaborated with Anastasia to create this stunning palette. Inside the exotic patterned palette you’ll find ten shades, both matte and metallic, mainly neutral but there are two which are fab pops of colour (purple & green). I got this palette last week and have been using it everyday, neglecting my other palettes, because it is simply gorgeous. Each eyeshadow is buttery and blends gorgeously. The pigmentation is amazing – the above swatches are one swipe. When I saw the beautiful metallic shades I assumed that they would only have enough pigmentation when applied with a wet brush but I was pleasantly surprised that they apply fantastically without. Each shade is very true to the colour which you see inside the palette so theres no surprises when you apply each shade to the lid. This palette is suitable for all skin tones and the shadows are long lasting, which is always a bonus, so would be great to have in your kit if you’re a makeup artist. I highly recommend this palette and included is a mirror and double ended brush. This palette costs £24.00 which is only £2.40 per eyeshadow – a complete bargain in my opinion.You can find the palette here.

Next week there will be a makeup tutorial using this palette up on my YouTube channel so don’t forget to subscribe!

What are your thoughts?

Motivational Monday ~ Part 2 ~ Be Grateful

tumblr_n7pazvNwCX1tvrvcgo1_1280Moan, moan, moan its all some people seem to do. Some people seem to thrive on drama and aren’t happy until something dramatic is going on, others moan about very trivial things in life whilst there are others that our trying to make the most of their life despite real problems. So many people seem to take their health for granted and ultimately the health of our families and ourselves is all that is important in life. Health = happiness & freedom to create the life we want. As human beings we always think things are brighter on the other side but we need to be thankful for what we have got and live life with a positive mental attitude to help you strive for an even better life! I have had so much crap the past 9 years since I became paralysed; from having to rely on carers, to autonomic dysreflexia, to being unable to do much for myself and most recently finding out I have a cyst on my spinal cord, which whilst common in people who have an SCI, has worried me as it could destroy the little movement I have. However, I am yet to speak to a consultant about this so I need to control my panicked emotions. I’m off to Sheffield Spinal Unit to discuss this more on Thursday so hopefully its not as bad as I’m imagining. I don’t want to be like ‘oh, poor me’ but I just thought it would be a great example of how lucky you are to have control of your body. Being paralysed doesn’t mean I’m just sat in a wheelchair, there is so much more to it but I don’t want to get in to that too much. I just want you all to be grateful. Despite my daily struggles I try to remain as positive as possible because being negative only creates more negative situations. There are so many people going through so much more than me so I am so thankful that I am generally healthy. The most grateful and courageous people seem to be those who are dealt the worst cards. I remember Stephen Sutton, who sadly passed away from cancer back in May, turned such a massive negative in his life into a positive. He raised over four million pounds for the Teenage Cancer Trust when he could’ve wallowed in self-pity like many of us would. I was so proud of him and I didn’t even know him. I can only imagine how proud his friends and family are.

Finally, don’t wait until you’re in a dire situation to realise how amazing life is. Push yourself everyday, love one another and yourself, believe in yourself, aspire to be the best you that you can be, be kind, focus on the positive not the negative, surround yourself with people that have your best interests at heart and are a positive influence, be yourself, explore and most importantly be grateful for being able to do it all. Sometimes I want to feel that feeling when you’re running downhill you can hardly stop yourself, feel the rush of life!


The Green Summer Dress ~ OOTD

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The sun is shining which means us girlies will be dressing in the pretty dresses we’ve had to keep on their hangers whilst the rain has stopped us from baring our legs. I fell in love when I came across this broiderie dress from Topshop as it has such a vintage touch to it. Who agrees its super cute? I also love the colour as I don’t have much green in my wardrobe – my Nanny always used to say green shoes were bad luck, she was probably right as I was wearing some in my car accident and then once when I ripped my poor toe nail off! Anyway, regardless of ‘luck’ I will see this dress as a reminder of a four leaved clover and they’re lucky right?! HA! I thought pairing this dress simply with minimal gold accessories was the way to go along with my gold flatforms to make the girly look a little cooler. As the sun was beaming I looked through my sunglasses collection and decided to go for my new green mirrored Ray Bans. Do you like? I don’t seem to do too many OOTD posts but if you enjoy them then let me know and I’ll try to do more!

Dress ~ here

Shoes ~ similar here

Bracelet ~ unavailable but it was from Lisa Angel who stock an amazing array of jewellery here

Necklace ~ As part of a multipack from ASOS which is typically unavailable but find similar here

Earrings ~ similar here

Sunglasses ~ here

Hair piece ~ here

Gerard Cosmetics Color Your Smile Lipgloss ‘Butter Cream’

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I’m obsessed with Gerard Cosmetics (AKA Whitening Lightning) Color Your Smile lip glosses and recently I was kindly sent one the amazing Jaclyn Hill created called ‘Butter Cream’* and it is divine. Butter Cream is a nude pink which looks so pretty alone or on top of lipstick. I’m such a nude pink kinda girl so this is such a perfect shade for me. IN LOVE! With its impressive pigmentation only one swipe of product per lip is necessary – my above swatch is one single swipe! The longevity of Gerard Cosmetic lip glosses is one yet to be competed with as they last for such a long time and even when they begin to wear off you’re left with a pretty pout. All of Gerard Cosmetic lip glosses come with a mirror on the side of the product and when you pull out the applicator an LED light comes on making your lip gloss application easy no matter day or night, at home or on the go!

Head over to to see the range of lip glosses – including my new favourite, Butter Cream! You can use the code ‘JBLIFE’ to get 25% your entire order!

Glossybox ~ July 2014

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This months GlossyBox* is full of American goodies encased in a very American box – which I just love. I’m guessing their box is American themed at July 4th was Independence Day! Subscribe to Glossybox here for £10 a month (+£3.25 P+P). This month’s box has really impressed me as it has four full sized products and just one sample size !

So without further ado this is what I discovered inside the ‘Stars and Stripes’ limited edition American Box:

* Bellapierre Cosmetics Ltd ~ Mineral Lipstick in the shade ‘Mandarina’ ~ A gorgeous highly pigmented vibrant orangey red lipstick which glides onto the lips like butter. It is made from natural waxes, mineral pigments and antioxidants such as Vitamin C & E. This product is full sized and I was so glad to see it inside my £10 box seeing as alone it costs £20.

* Absolute New York ~ Perfecting Eyeshadow Primer ~ I haven’t got too many eyeshadow primers so I was happy to see this full sized baby inside this month’s box. This primer is oil free and the creamy consistency is said to improve skin tone and keeps your eyeshadow crease free. I am yet to try it so I hope its a good one! RRP $4.99.

* Carmex ~ Lip Balm ~ Believe it or not I have never tried Carmex lip balm which seems odd as it is such a favourite amongst so many. I felt my lips felt quite greasy when wearing this lip balm but I think its because it has beeswax in it. It is compact inside a cute little tub which will fit nicely in my handbag to keep my lips soft wherever I may be! RRP £2.69.

* Color Club ~ Nail Polish in ‘Glossy Seal’ ~ I adore this shade so I cannot wait to use it! This is a non-toxic cruelty free nail polish and the shade ‘Glossy Seal’ has been specially created for the July Glossybox which makes it so much more gorgeous as it is limited! RRP $8.

* Tarte ~ Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara ~ I was excited to see this mascara from Tarte in this month’s box even though it is just a sample size its a fairly reasonable sized one. First of all the packaging is so unique and luxe with its reptile style tube. I’ve heard of so many American YouTubers using this product so it has been something I’ve wanted to try for a while and I can say from my first use today I love it and trust me it is rare for me to really like a mascara on the first day of use – I always find them too wet. This 4-in-1 mascara says to lengthen, curl, condition and give volume to the lashes – this has even been clinically proven! RRP £19.50 for 7ml.

What are your thoughts on this month’s box? Do you love it as much as me?

Mermaid Festival Makeup

IMG_2433 IMG_2437 IMG_2497

Its always fun to try something different when it comes to makeup, it is art after all, so I decided to play around with some fun colours and created this mermaid inspired look perfect for festivals. The eyeshadow palette I used to create this look is the 737 ‘Blue Had Me At Hello’ from Wet ‘n’ Wild which is super affordable (under $5) yet the shades are so pigmented. Unfortunately, I got this palette in America and it has recently discontinued (typical!) but I think if you keep your eye out on eBay you may grab one! The lip glosses I used to create the blue and purple ombre lip are from Gerard Cosmetics/Whitening Lightning and they are the most long-lasting and pigmented lip glosses I have ever come across. There is such a massive selection of colours to chose from that there is something for everyone. I choose to use Bermuda and Bahama to create the ombre lip and then decided to use Pink Tiara as a more wearable look. I really enjoyed creating this look and even added some glitter to create a fun winged eyeliner. Going to festivals is such a great time to get creative with your makeup so break the rules and just have some fun! To see how I created this look then check out the video below!

Find the eyeshadow palette here and here

Lip glosses ~ here , here and here and get 25% off site wide with the code JBLIFE

Glitter ~ here and here

Hair Chalks ~ here

The Vegan Kind Subscription Box ~ July 2014

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Its that time of the month again when I get a surprise from The Vegan Kind* through my door with their ever pleasing subscription box. You guys know the drill by now, its a box full of vegan goodies (food, beauty products, household products etc) and costs £10 per month + £2.95 P+P – you can subscribe here. I like posting what each box contains because then you will know if it is something you’re interested in subscribing to too! Each month TVK sends you a recipe card as well which is always fab – this month it was raspberry sorbet. Another great thing about TVK is that they donate 10p from every box sold to an animal charity of our choice (you vote over on their Facebook page) and this month the money went to Blind Dog Rescue UK. As usual I was impressed with this month’s box of goodies and below is what I discovered inside.

Inside July’s Vegan Kind box #TVK9:

* Vego Chocolate Bar 150g (RRP £3.50) ~ Vego is a vegan chocolate bar made from the finest Italian chocolate mixed with hazelnut paste and hazelnuts. This is a beast of a chocolate bar as it is massive and boy is it tasty but at 1000 calories a bar I won’t be buying it too often. ~

* Heavenly Organics ‘Just Add Water’ Shampoo 30g (RRP £2.40) ~ This is an interesting vegan shampoo which looks like something that would be perfect for those travelling. It is a shampoo paste which you add a little water to and then massage onto the head. It is 100% organic and natural which is always a bonus! ~

* Vita Coco 500ml (RRP £2.50) ~ I love Vita Coco coconut water (more so the flavoured ones) because it is natural, super hydrating and is full of nutrients, potassium and electrolytes so I was glad to see this medium sized carton in the box. Woohoo! ~

*CocoBacon (RRP £2.35) ~ OMG this stuff is amazing!!! It may sound slightly odd but its so tasty and will be perfect on salads or as a nutritious snack. Yep, its bacon flavoured coconut and is 100% vegan. It is made from organic coconut chips which are lightly toasted and are given a bacon flavour using natural ingredients. What a creation!

* Frank Bar Strawberry & Chocolate Flavour (RRP £1) ~ A gluten free vegan snack bar made up of 100% natural ingredients from wholegrain oats to dried plums to coconut cream chocolate! Each bar contains about 4g of protein and also contains something called ENERGYSMART which is fruit carbohydrates combined with a grain which provides the body with more energy. I really like Nakd bars and this is quite similar. ~

* Squeeze Juice Cafe Wheatgrass Juice 30ml (RRP £2) ~ Well after years of smoothie drinking and researching health foods I’d never tried a wheatgrass shot so I was pretty curious! I found it tastes pretty awful but the benefits are so worth the small shot sized amount of awful. Wheatgrass can give you an instant boost of energy as it helps oxygenate the blood. One wheatgrass shot contains 90 minerals and is equivalent to eating 1kg of leafy greens! Pretty good huh?! I definitely want to get more of these! ~

What are your thoughts on this month’s box?